Ministry of Finance of Malaysio (MOF)

Regent Security Services Sdn. Bhd. is proud to have been awarded a certificate from the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) with certificate number K10095153303372257. This certificate is valid from 01/11/2022 – 31/10/2025 and includes Kod Bidang (020804, 220402, and 220801).

This certification is a recognition of our financial stability, integrity, and commitment to providing high-quality security services to our clients. It demonstrates our compliance with all the necessary regulations and requirements set forth by the Malaysian government, and our commitment to providing safe, secure, and reliable security solutions.

As a certified company, we have met the stringent financial requirements set by Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia. Our clients can be assured that we have the financial resources to deliver our security services in a reliable and sustainable manner.

We take pride in our certification from Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia and are committed to upholding the highest standards of financial stability and integrity. We will continue to provide high- quality security services to our clients while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.


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